Ateme+ Jargon & Benefits: What Does it All Mean Anyway?

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Ateme+, Ateme’s SaaS solution launched in 2022, features plenty of benefits including:

  • Frictionless onboarding
  • Cloud-agnostic flexibility
  • Partnerships and plug-ins that provide more visibility
  • A global operational view
  • An effortless way to connect your business community

But what do all these terms mean, and how do they help you?

Jean-Louis Lods, VP Media and Monetization at Ateme, reiterates a few key Ateme+ benefits and gets down to the nitty gritty of what they mean and how they can truly help you create a more agile business model.

How Pain-free is Frictionless Onboarding?

When transitioning your business to SaaS, the last things you want to encounter are obstacles. Frictionless onboarding allows for a seamless transition with the utmost transparency, accessibility, and consistency.

When we started the journey of launching Ateme+, we went back to the basics of the original definition of frictionless onboarding and what it really means. We wanted to make sure we could deliver an end-to-end service that could be managed and run by the operations team. Ateme+ is not designed to be an engineering task, meaning you don’t need engineers involved to configure Ateme+ even when getting started.

One of the core differentiators of Ateme+ that customers consistently search for is its ability to tie discrete cloud services together. Ateme+ removes any DevOps requirements to create an all-encompassing end-to-end workflow.

Frictionless onboarding extends not only to the console but, more importantly, to the application programming interface (API). The user interface (UI) for the console uses the same API, and this API is publicly accessible. It was important for us not to have separate APIs for the console. This allows our customers to easily integrate into their master and control (M&C) applications, from Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), workflow systems and Media Asset Management (MaM) systems through to scheduling applications.

In summary, frictionless onboarding means customers can be up and running within hours with the console and within days with the API.

It’s Raining Agility in the Cloud-agnostic System.

Cloud-agnostic services are designed to support customers’ needs, giving them the flexibility to operate in their chosen cloud or a hybrid of multiple clouds. One example includes file transcoding, which should source the content from the customer’s cloud storage to avoid egress. Another example is the flexibility to choose the region of your live event. The closer to the event location you are, the lower the latency.

Being cloud-agnostic means Ateme+ is not locked to a single cloud vendor.

TAG, You’re It! Ateme+ Benefits of Partnering.

We all understand that the abstraction of running in the cloud means it’s not in your location. This generates challenges around how to remotely monitor the video at 25 frames per second and listen to the required audio.

To overcome this challenge, Ateme partnered with TAG Video Systems to provide optional services in Ateme+ that deliver the rich experience of the TAG Multiviewer directly accessible in Ateme+. Now customers can select from 4 to 16 tiles in one multiviewer feed, which can be monitored from an OB truck, an MCR, or from the comfort of your easy chair at home. TAG is the first of a number of partnerships and plug-ins that will be coming to Ateme+ in the future.

One View to a Global View.

Complexity distilled to a single panel is key to an efficient operation. Global View provides that single panel view by aggregating alarms, notifications, and statuses of all services. With the ability to plot on the map the specific locations of sources and destinations and the cloud region and availability zone Ateme+ is running, easy color-coding of connections statuses and alerts ticker box means all operational data can be accessed quickly. In troubleshooting, actual understanding of how your signals travel over the Internet becomes crucial. And with the integrated trace report, troubleshooting can be simplified.

Connecting Your Business Community

Another one of the Ateme+ benefits offers you the ability to allow businesses access to your project. This means you can share what you want with those you want, creating a collective business community. You’re always in control of the permissions. However, you can simplify the operations by giving external organizations the ability to choose and configure according to their requirements. We call this “source permissions.” It breeds community and collaboration and simplifies operations for all involved.

Ateme+ Benefits Breed Agility and Flexibility

With Ateme+, you can cover a broad set of use cases — from occasional use for live events to mid- and long-term distribution, through to business continuity — getting an insurance policy with a low monthly cost. Ateme+ has all these features with no upfront capital investment and a rapid time to market. It provides both agility to your operation and a flexible business model based purely on paying for what you use.

Want to find out more? Get in touch, or find us at booth W1517 at NAB Show 2023.