Broadcast-Level Low Latency: Real Streaming Deployments

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How do you avoid the spoiler effect and stream sports video at broadcast-level low latency? That is what we explored in our previous blog post in this series. There, we looked at how each step in the workflow has its part to play. And we discovered that Ateme’s end-to-end solution for video delivery is ready to meet viewers’ low-latency expectations. Not only in Proofs-of-Concept, but at scale. The proof? Just have a look at four of the real-world low-latency deployments based on Ateme’s solutions over the last couple of years.

1. myCanal: Combining Broadcast-Level Low Latency with UHD Quality

More than two years ago already, French pay-TV operator Canal+ launched one of the world’s first deployments of OTT low-latency streaming on AppleTV 4K using Ateme’s NEA solutions. Since then, Canal+ subscribers can watch sports events via both HD and UHD low-latency streaming through the myCANAL application with almost no delay compared to broadcast delivery.

2. Tivify: Streaming the UEFA Champions League Final at Broadcast-Level Latency

Just a few months later, Spanish OTT platform Tivify streamed the UEFA Champions League final in low latency – again using Ateme solutions. This marked the first time that the OTT platform owned by Spain’s TVUP Media Telecom S.L. used the proven CMAF features within Ateme’s TITAN encoders to live-stream a football match at a latency matching broadcast levels.

3. ClicTV: Spearheading Speedy Streams for Sports in Spain

Just a few months after the Tivify announcement, Avatel’s CLICtv OTT platform announced it was reducing latency from 50 to 10 seconds, on any device. And all that, while still ensuring high-definition images. This was made possible thanks to Ateme’s complete solution for video delivery – from encoders to packagers to CDN. The announcement came just in time for the 2022 World Cup, which ClicTV subscribers could enjoy with no spoiler effect.

4. CYTA: Bringing Latency to Under Four Seconds

New year, new record. As 2023 began, Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) was pleasantly surprised. Using Ateme’s encoding and packaging solutions, Cyta managed to reduce latency to under four seconds for its 20 premium OTT channels. Quite an achievement! Especially considering the whole integration was completed in less than three months.

As these examples show, there is no need to delay: broadcast-level latency is already here with us today.

Have you enjoyed any of these low-latency streaming experiences? How were they? Share with us in the comments below!

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