Combining Low Latency and Flexibility in Video Contribution

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As a content provider, when preparing video contribution or distribution of live content, two considerations are paramount. Low latency is a must; and the solution must be flexible enough to fit any workflow.

Low Latency: Transmission latency is a key aspect of live events. You need to provide a real-time experience to the consumer, either in HEVC or low latency with JPEG-XS, and supporting both legacy SDI and IP migration.

Flexibility: Facing the constant stream of advanced video contribution and primary distribution ecosystems, you need flexible tools for any event type that seamlessly and quickly integrate into your infrastructure. Moreover, the variety of contribution workflows can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple best-of-breed technologies used sporadically. The workflow might include framerate converters, audio manipulators, inserters, compression, monitoring, remuxers, and modulators. This represents a huge cost in terms of human capital, rack space, maintenance, CapEx, and OpEx for event-based equipment. Ideally, you need a flexible, all-in-one solution that traverses ground to cloud and streamlines this complexity.

At Ateme, we continuously enhance our core TITAN technology to meet these needs. The new TITAN Edge Version 3.0 – a truly universal gateway – will be available at the end of the year. Here’s a sneak preview of how it will help.

Low Latency and JPEG-XS I/O
for Video Contribution and Primary Distribution

Low latency is the foundation for our development. The enhanced TITAN solution allows you to perform end-to-end Long GOP transmissions in less than one second in both H.264 and HEVC with further improvements for sub second in 2024. Most importantly, as a pure software solution, it offers the same performance whether on-prem or in the cloud. In addition, as part of the overall IP migration, we also adopted lossless JPEG-XS low-latency compression in our any-to-any interfaces. This makes software a viable option for low latency connections. It also provides you the flexibility of switching easily between different encoding methods for pristine, smooth, and efficient video delivery.

Video Contribution and Primary Distribution:
As Flexible as Your Events

To reduce the amount of equipment, our latest TITAN solution offers all the functionality requested in contribution and primary distribution. It can run on any commercial off-the-shelf server, with a large variety of extension boards. This allows you to create the perfect all-in-one solution, where you can adopt the functions each time you need them.

Thanks to the latest bridge functionality; you now also have the ability to perform baseband processing in a pure software environment. This helps transform traditional hardware-centric workflows to enable occasional-use scenarios. You’ll benefit from transport layer conversion, premium framerate conversions based on motion estimation, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Look-Up Table (LUT) conversions to ensure the desired colorimetry, audio composition and shuffling, and content protection.

All these features, combined with a flexible licensing model, mean it’s easy to adapt the solution, choosing the most appropriate features to attune it to both fixed and occasional use workflows.

Benefiting from the new Gen7 encoding engine and the new AMD EPYC4 series, our latest TITAN contribution solution becomes denser, delivering more channels per unit. This reduces cloud expenses and ensures greater efficiency in terms of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Safe and Easy Operations

Built upon a solid reputation for reliability, our enhanced TITAN solution is one you can depend on. It offers a comprehensive and ergonomic interface either in stand-alone mode or with central monitoring, redundancy, and telemetry of all inputs and outputs, combined with Ateme’s SaaS solution (Ateme+), to provide automated link management.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Ateme’s TITAN Edge is the recognized solution for encoding and decoding, and the upcoming version fully enables a universal gateway with a new way to manage your event-based video contribution and primary distribution. It offers faster delivery of your content and provides a high-quality output stream. It is the always-ready solution you demand to solve the complexity of your operations.

All these enhancements are now available in TITAN Edge version 3.0. To find out more, download the TITAN Edge datasheets.

What challenges have you faced in contribution and primary distribution? Tell us in the comments below!

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