Five must-see demos at your 2022 NAB Show

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The NAB Show is just around the corner. And frankly, I’m overwhelmed with how much is going on in our booth (W3512), our demo meeting room (W4930MR), our partner booths, and various conferences, panels, and theaters where we’ll be presenting. So I thought others might need a little guidance through the maze. What’s new? What’s groundbreaking? Where should you go?

Here is my pick of the top five demos you absolutely should not miss from Ateme at this year’s show.

1Your streaming solution

Yes, we are great at compression. But we now offer much more than that. So head over to the “Your streaming solution” demo pod to discover the streaming delivery solution that helps you captivate your audience with a superior quality of experience – and that powered one of the world’s first low-latency real-world deployments. Ask for Alexandre Arnodin to find out more.

2- Monetize your service

Beyond making viewers happy, you also need to make your coffers happy. And if you’re not yet live with Dynamic Ad Insertion, you’re seriously losing out – every day. But setting up a system is not easy – so many components, so much integration, so much time! Head over to the “Monetize your service” demo pod, to keep your audience captivated and monetize your content from day one. Ahmed Swidan will be happy to talk to you about this.

3- Your content factory

Imagine a content supply chain that just flows smoothly, transforming metadata to support multiple platforms, on-prem and in the Cloud. So you can just sit back and relax while things get done. Sounds good? Discover Ateme’s best-kept secret – how we solve the media supply chain – finally on show at NAB this year. Jean-Louis Lods is your man.

4- First-ever at NAB Show: VVC-encoded streams delivered to a screen

Never seen before at NAB: VVC-encoded streams delivered to a screen. Why is that important? Because VVC slashes bitrates by about 50% – meaning you use less bandwidth and require less storage capacity. And that, in turn, means your infrastructure is lighter. So you reduce costs while becoming more sustainable. We’re showing it in our NESTED project for efficient and sustainable streaming over 5G. The expert you want to talk to is Mickaël Raulet.


Want to shake up your service and boost audience engagement with high-fidelity experiences and personalization – without overhauling your broadcast infrastructure? Head to the Your NEXTGEN TV demo pod to discover the solution that powers over half of ATSC 3.0 deployments in North America – and witness Dynamic Ad Insertion over ATSC 3.0. Mickaël Raulet, Dave Brass, or anyone from the North American team will be happy to discuss this with you.

So there you have it. Beyond this selection, a lot more is going on – including many interesting presentations and panel discussions – and you can see the full program here:

I look forward to seeing you there – and hope to learn what your favorite demo was!