Innovations in NEXTGEN TV at the 2023 NAB Show

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The video industry is constantly evolving, and that includes ATSC. This is why, at the 2023 NAB Show Centennial, we are excited to show you how Ateme’s pioneering innovations in NEXTGEN TV can help you improve your viewers’ Quality of Experience, increase profits, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Change the Channel of Your Future 

The benefits for broadcasters transitioning from ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0 are numerous. This has been discussed in many articles, including Change the Channel of Your Future with NEXTGEN TV. ATSC 3.0 opens up the possibility of new and future innovations, but NEXTGEN TV doesn’t just benefit the provider. Read on to discover some of these benefits from end to end, and how they help both broadcasters and viewers. 

Boost Your Revenue Through Datacasting

One of the major use cases discussed for datacasting has been software updates. Let’s look at how this benefits multiple players. Imagine that, within an area covering 100,000 people, there is a phone app or software update. Traditionally, each person who requires that update will connect and download it individually. Each and every connection costs the provider. But if it’s available in a broadcast setting, meaning multiple people receive it at the same time, the cost savings to the provider could be huge. And on the consumer side, updates could take place in a local hub, saving bandwidth inside and outside the home. 

In a previous article, Boost Your Revenue Through Datacasting with NEXTGEN TV, we also focused on the benefits for broadcasters on additional revenue streams outside traditional video content delivery. The improved efficiency in the broadcast spectrum enables them to monetize excess bandwidth, effectively leasing it for data distribution. In fact, some broadcasters are already making datacasting their primary business using the new standard.  

Personalize and Monetize via Dynamic Ad Insertion

Ad Insertion via NEXTGEN TV has also been a major talking point for revenue recently, with more and more focus on personalization. In fact, Ahmed Swidan, Director of Personalized TV at Ateme, recently wrote an article about it.  

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) allows for personalized ads. This equals to more relevant content and therefore a better experience for your viewers. It also allows advertisers to reach more attentive viewers and offers broadcasters the ability to increase their revenue through higher viewer engagement. 

These advertising solutions also benefit from modern cloud infrastructures, enabling programmers to bring the flexibility of scaling operations up and down within minutes, to meet fluctuating demands. 

Sustainability and Innovations in NEXTGEN TV

Cloud computing offers a much more sustainable approach to video delivery. It allows for the reuse of resources and the constant ability to upgrade and maintain maximum efficiency. But other innovations in NEXTGEN TV, such as 4K UHD and HDR, are being added all the time to enhance viewing experiences. They are also easier to scale in cloud architectures, as needed. 

Moving away from video, there’s also the subject of audio. Enhancements here, such as Dolby Atmos and Next Generation Audio, allow for immersive and selective audio environments. These applications are growing, with more ability for viewers to personalize their experiences. 

Broadcasters will also benefit from NEXTGEN TV as a friendlier IP technology through workflows such as 5G, streaming, and B2B content distribution.

Secure Your Future with Ateme

Ateme makes it easy to transition to NEXTGEN TV. In 2021, Ateme facilitated over half of all ATSC 3.0 deployments across North America. Our goal is to create flexible, sustainable, personally customized solutions to help you move into the future. 

To hear more about the latest innovations in NEXTGEN TV to help you stay on the cutting edge of broadcasting, broaden revenue sources, and make your viewers happy, drop us a line or speak with Brian Ford at booth W1517 at the 2023 NAB Show Centennial. Or head to the ATSC booth W3443 to see DAI over ATSC 3.0 and NextGen Audio in action. 

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