Is Your Cloud DVR Service Ready for the Future?

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There’s nothing like gathering with friends and family to watch a live event together. The camaraderie. The anticipation. Sharing those special moments with the ones you love. But let’s face it, life gets busy. Sometimes the timing doesn’t work out. Sometimes we have too many things going on and can’t make it there for kickoff. Yet, we still want to be able to watch the event at some point. So, what do we do? We DVR it! However, not all Cloud DVR solutions are created equal.

Viewers Have Questions.

Does it allow enough recording hours? Is it applicable across multiple devices? Does it offer instantaneous replay? Can we skip through the commercials?

Not all digital video recording services offer the high level of scalability, streaming capacity, and storage necessary to cater to viewers’ demands. So, what about yours? Are your customers happy?

Is Your Cloud DVR Service future-proof?

How Can Ateme Help?

At Ateme, we understand viewers’ frustrations when it comes to being able to watch live events at a later date. Fortunately, we’ve developed a range of both on-prem and cloud-native solutions that will not only help you make your customers happy but will make your life easier. Ateme’s Cloud DVR platform tackles your and your viewers’ main concerns delivering results that:

  • allow viewers to watch and record across any device over any network
  • incorporate instantaneous content replay
  • include access to limitless tiered storage that scales over time in a private or public cloud

In addition to viewers being able to enjoy an unmatched Quality of Experience, sharing storage means unlimited archiving capabilities. It also slashes costs and your carbon footprint.

“But Migration to a New Cloud DVR Platform Will Be a Nightmare!”

This is something we have heard a lot. But don’t worry. Over the years, Ateme has gained extensive experience not only in deploying cDVR platforms, but also in migrating them: We help our customers leverage the features of our more scalable solution while maintaining the precious legacy recordings.

Scalability is increased, thanks to the cloud-native software of our green and easy-to-operate platform. Therefore, power consumption, network infrastructure, and rackspace usage are reduced. Plus, our solution is open. What does that mean? It means that it’s aligned on industry standards, providing open APIs, and already widely pre-integrated with multiple industry actors in our domain (service platforms, DRM, players, etc.).

Show Me the Money!

Cha-ching! With Ateme, you can go further than just recording. Our cloud DVR solution can be complemented with advanced solutions such as Dynamic Ad Insertion, to increase and create new revenue streams. So with Ateme, you get a solution that will:

  • boost customer engagement with an enhanced Quality of Experience
  • lower your operational costs thanks to a scalable and future-proof architecture
  • boost your profits through increased content monetization.

Want to hear more about how the Ateme-powered Cloud DVR solutions can help you future-proof your content and captivate your audience? Get in touch! We’d love to chat.