TRug: The Ultimate Rugged Solution for UHD Decoding and Encoding in Harsh Environments

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In the realm of high-performance video encoding and decoding, reliability and flexibility are paramount, especially in challenging environments. Ateme’s TRug server is engineered to excel in these conditions, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. Whether it’s for broadcasting live sports events, managing remote production setups, or ensuring reliable performance in extreme environments, TRug is built to deliver.

TRug: Engineered for Extreme Performance and Reliability

The TRug server is meticulously crafted to deliver top-tier performance and resilience, making it the perfect choice for demanding environments. Key specifications include:

  • Rugged Solution for High Temperature and Vibration: Built to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Front Panel with Dust Filters and Redundant Fans: Simplifies on-site configuration and management while protecting internal components from dust and debris. Ensures cooling efficiency and continuous operation, even in the event of a fan failure.
  • Hot Swappable Power Plugs: Dual power supplies that can be replaced without shutting down the server, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Compact Form Factor: Measuring 21.2” (54cm) and weighing 25.8 lbs (11.7 kg), TRug is designed for ease of deployment.
  • Optimized Booting Time: TRug boots up significantly faster compared to regular servers, minimizing downtime.

Flexible Interface Options and High Density

TRug offers versatile connectivity options to suit a wide range of applications:

  • Three PCIe Slots: Provide flexibility for various interface cards.
  • DVB-CI Descrambling Option: Equipped with four slots for conditional access modules, providing secure content delivery.
  • 8x SDI/ASI Input/Output & 4x RF Demodulation & RF L-Band Modulation: Supports multiple broadcast and satellite configurations, including integration of L-Band Demodulation and Modulation.
  • 4x 1Gbps Ethernet Interfaces: Ensures robust and reliable IP connectivity.
  • 1Gbps DMC Interface: Facilitates Out-Of-Band management for seamless remote operations.
  • 2110 Interface: Supports IP-based workflows for seamless integration into modern broadcast environments.

Versatile Configurations for Any Need

  • UHD Decoder
    • The TRug server is designed for tier-one use cases, including HDR conversion to ensure high dynamic range content is displayed with optimal quality.
  • Flexible UHD Encoder and Decoder
    • The TRug server offers a range of flexible configurations to meet diverse content processing needs, ensuring exceptional results. This option also provides a dense and efficient solution for Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) applications, thanks to its integration of L-Band Demodulation and Modulation. Users can easily switch between the following configurations, offering unparalleled versatility:
      • UHD Encoder & UHD Decoder: Ideal for high-definition content creation and delivery.
      • Dual UHD Decoders: Maximizes decoding capabilities for handling multiple streams simultaneously.
      • Motion Estimation Frame-Rate Converter: Offers SDI to SDI conversion, ensuring smooth and adaptable frame rate transitions.

Enhanced by TITAN Software Portfolio

What sets TRug apart is its compatibility with Ateme’s TITAN software solutions. By integrating TRug with our extensive software portfolio, you can further enhance its flexibility and performance. TITAN software allows for comprehensive video processing, transcoding, and delivery, ensuring your content is protected against dust and temperature extremes while maintaining top-tier quality.

Ideal for Challenging Environments

TRug is the ultimate solution for any environment that demands high-performance video processing under tough conditions. Whether it’s a remote broadcast location, a satellite news gathering operation, or any setting where reliability and flexibility are non-negotiable, TRug delivers unmatched performance and durability. Its robust design is especially suited for outdoor sports events, where equipment must endure harsh weather and physical impacts. 

Experience the Power of TRug

Explore how Ateme’s TRug can revolutionize your video encoding and decoding processes in rugged environments. Contact us today to learn more about this powerful solution and how it can meet your specific needs.

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