Ateme Unveils Next-generation Workflow Orchestration with PILOT Media at IBC2023

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The multi-platform era is growing increasingly complex, bringing with it tighter timelines and a greater demand for heightened efficiency. And as business needs consistently evolve, the time has come to streamline your workflow operations and automate your media supply chain. Want to find out how Ateme can help you make the process as seamless and cost-effective as possible? Keep reading. We’re also very excited to show you the latest innovations at IBC2023. Stop by Hall 1, Booth D33 to see Ateme unveil next-generation workflow orchestration with PILOT Media

Challenges and Solutions of Streamlining Your  
Media Supply Chain Operations 

While streamlining your video content operations by automating your media supply chain offers numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings, challenges can arise: 

Lack of Visibility

You might find it challenging to include real-time visibility into your supply chain processes. This can be due to the lack of an overarching and independent workflow orchestration platform, environment integration issues, or infrastructure limitations. In turn, lack of visibility can lead to inefficiencies, delays, and difficulties in making informed decisions.  

Addressing visibility issues requires effective integration between various systems which can be distributed on-premises, in the cloud, or through hybrid environments. Ensuring real-time operational monitoring and business analytics brings real supply chain visibility plus the ability to measure operation performance.  

Missing the Right Tools

Transitioning to hybrid or fully cloud-based workflows is complex. This is especially true when existing tools and systems are not designed to support these scenarios. This requires careful planning, robust architecture, and the development of custom solutions to bridge the gap between different environments. 

It’s crucial to incorporate a comprehensive migration plan that considers the specific business needs and existing tools and workflows. This plan should include a well-defined scalable, resilient, and agile architecture that supports hybrid or cloud-native workflows and resource optimization. Development efforts should focus on ensuring seamless interaction between different environments.   

Difficulty Prioritizing

With increased flexibility and scalability, you might struggle to effectively allocate resources and prioritize tasks based on business needs. This can impact efficiency, the capacity to meet service-level agreements (SLAs), and overall infrastructure usage optimization. 

It’s essential to implement effective resource management and task prioritization mechanisms driven by dynamic due dates. This might involve adopting orchestration tools that allow for dynamic allocation of resources based on demand, cost, and capabilities. 

Lack of Scalability

Improper architecture or resource planning can lead to scalability challenges, particularly during peak usage times. The lack of automation can lead to difficulties in managing the increased load, potentially requiring more hardware and software resources than necessary. In turn, inadequate provisioning of resources or the failure to design for elastic scalability can result in performance bottlenecks, downtime, and the inability to meet SLAs.  

To tackle scalability challenges, it’s important to implement auto-scaling mechanisms and continuous performance monitoring. This ensures that your media supply chain platform can handle varying workloads without compromising performance and losing control of the infrastructure costs. 

Mounting Costs

Infrastructure and human-made costs can add up when operating the media supply chain. When you choose not to streamline your workflow orchestration, you can incur various costs and challenges that impact your operations, efficiency, and overall business performance. Additionally, troubleshooting and resolving issues in complex and non-standardized workflows can consume valuable resources and time.  

This is why it’s crucial to find a media supply chain platform that offers you seamless integration in order to optimize costs and resources. 

Ateme’s PILOT Media Provides a Smooth Landing 

Ateme’s PILOT Media is a cloud-native, next-generation workflow orchestration and media supply chain platform designed to prepare, enhance, and deliver all media types where they need to be, efficiently and in one single solution. A feature-rich, data-driven platform, it addresses the needs of content, service, and OTT streaming providers, operators, content owners, and broadcasters.    

To help you counter the challenges that come with streamlining operations, Ateme’s PILOT Media next-generation workflow orchestration is designed to help you optimize your operations and reduce costs in addition to making your business agile and responsive to market shifts.  

Addressing both linear and OTT supply chains, PILOT Media’s innovative features will help you: 

  • Automate and prioritize tasks using metadata and business logic, based on business objectives. 
  • Centralize orchestration to surface operational and financial insights. 
  • Minimize infrastructure costs with global consolidation, storage life-cycle rules, and hybrid deployments leveraging on-premises investments and cloud elasticity. 
  • Facilitate new revenue opportunities by easily adding new or improving existing workflows, within a few clicks. 
  • Migrate workloads incrementally to support change management and investment cycles. 
  • Maximize your return on investment with cutting-edge, future-proof technology. 
  • Grow flawlessly with automated deployments and silent upgrades. 
  • Integrate heterogeneous 3rd-party systems into one unique pipeline. 

Find Out More! 

When it comes to streamlining your media supply chain operations, PILOT Media is a smart choice. It re-invents orchestration by focusing on the efficiency of the workflow execution. This prioritizes work based on deadlines, batch processing, dynamic workflow implementation, and smart distributed resource management. It delivers an exceptional level of service for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid supply chains. In addition, PILOT Media offers configurable operational dashboards, advanced workaround, and retry modes, as well as integrated alert management for full operational visibility. Finally, having a microservice-based approach for workflow design, an external business rules engine, and efficient versioning management makes your operations truly agile by enabling a seamless transformation. 

To learn more about how you can benefit from an efficient media supply chain designed to deliver content on time, at scale, 24/7, download our PILOT Media data sheet. You can also get in touch with us at Ateme. We’d love to hear from you. And if you’re in Amsterdam for IBC2023, set up a meeting or visit us in Hall 1, Booth D33, where we’ll be unveiling our groundbreaking PILOT Media solution.  

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