Top Demos to Watch at the 2023 NAB Show Centennial

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This year in Las Vegas, NAB Show marks its centennial. And it is expected to be quite the celebration. Everyone is excited to meet up with friends and colleagues, talk shop, and discover the wealth of groundbreaking innovations. But with so much to see, it can feel overwhelming. And while all our demos will show you how you can boost your profits with future-proof, end-to-end solutions for video processing, delivery, and monetization, I’m narrowing it down to Ateme’s top demos to watch at booth W1517 at the 2023 NAB Show.


Ateme’s NEXTGEN TV solution is even more efficient, bringing top-quality images that keep your audience hooked. It also offers exciting new revenue opportunities. You can now offer targeted ads on NEXTGEN TV and explore all the monetization options brought by datacasting: targeted emergency signals, automatic software updates, remote learning facilities, and more.

Ready to discover the cutting-edge of broadcasting? Head to the NEXTGEN TV demo pod and have a chat with Brian Ford.

2. Smart Distribution

Distribution is smart if content owners can distribute their content from anywhere to anywhere. If they can process it with all the required changes (framerate conversion, logo insertion, watermarking, service replacement), and choose to do it either centrally or at the edge. And if they can use a flexible and future-proof software IRD to receive and customize the content from satellite, IP, or the cloud.

To hear more about the benefits of Ateme’s smart distribution solution, check out our demo and ask for Amilcar Padilla

3. Audience-aware Streaming

Ateme’s end-to-end solution is back in the spotlight with an exciting new functionality: audience-aware streaming. One solution, three goals: reduced carbon footprint, enhanced quality of experience, and lower operational costs. It increases efficiency thanks to a global, end-to-end view of streaming by feeding CDN data into the encoders, which then adapt to actual viewing requirements and eliminate unnecessary profiles.

Intrigued? Head to our booth to learn more about Ateme’s audience-aware streaming and Private CDN solution. Dan Patton will be on hand to answer any questions.

4. Low-latency OTT

Because they attract large audiences, high-profile sports events offer major potential for monetization through targeted advertising. But so far, this potential hasn’t been fully exploited. While such events require low latency, targeted advertising increases latency. Imagine how much more money you could make if only you could offer targeted ads without the drag of latency.

Now you can! At NAB Show, Ateme will be demoing its low-latency OTT solution. For more information on how to optimize profits from high-profile sports events and give your viewers, and yourself, even more reason to celebrate, speak with our expert, Alexandre Arnodin.

5. Fan Engagement

Let’s talk sports. What’s your goal? How do you, as a streaming service or D2C content provider, win over your audience? You must find new plays to help you better engage with fans, and help your fans better engage with exciting high-quality, immersive experiences.

Ateme helps you redefine the fan experience. Come watch our demo on Fan Engagement to learn how you can attract more viewers to your OTT app, enhance fan engagement, and increase monetization by connecting next-generation video experiences with e-commerce.  And while you’re there, to find out more about Ateme’s fan engagement solutions, Rémi Beaudouin is your man.

6. Fan Experience

The future is here. A new generation of viewers is calling for better services, higher quality, and the ability to combine interactive and social experiences with their video consumption. With a few pioneering advances from Ateme, you can help expand their universe and give them the social interaction they crave.

Number six on my list of top demos to watch at NAB Show 2023 is all about the Fan Experience. As an innovator in the video and sports tech industry, Ateme can help you excite your current audience, attract demanding Gen Z viewers, and increase monetization with premium experiences and more versatile ad placement. Immerse yourself within our Virtual Lounge to explore the arena during a major event, interact with fellow fans, and even purchase merch. Ready to enter the virtual world? Speak with Eric Toullec to get the scoop.

See You at NAB Show 2023!

NAB Show is all about showcasing the latest groundbreaking technological advances. Ateme would like to help you stay at the cutting edge of video technology, boost viewer engagement, and attract a new generation of viewers. We also have some pretty valuable ideas on how to lower your carbon footprint. So stop by booth W1517 to hear more, check out these top demos at NAB — and others on cloud transformation, 5G, and SaaS solutions with Ateme+ — and meet our winning team of Ateme experts on hand to answer all your questions.

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