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IBC2023 is quickly approaching. And Ateme is excited to get together with friends, customers, and partners, build new relationships, and bring you an exciting range of innovative demos. This year, we’re highlighting three top topics at IBC2023 to help you transform, monetize, and go green with Ateme. Come check out our demos in Hall 1, booth D33.

Transform Video Consumption 

Statista estimated that in April 2023 there were around 3.5 billion internet users around the world watching OTT video. And with new generations changing the way content is being consumed, providers need to step up their game, and quickly. But where do you even begin? First, by Transforming Video Consumption, that’s where. 

Fan Engagement 

To beat the competition, you need to find the best way to engage, attract, and retain viewers. One way to transform video consumption is to expand the stadium experience to more fans and turn those fans, your viewers, into active participants. Our Fan Engagement demo will showcase a complete workflow including automatic detection of the most important moments of sports content and enriched push notifications to smartphones. This will enable sports content rights holders with D2C services to enhance fan engagement, attractmore viewers to their OTT apps, and increase monetization by connectingnext-generation video experiences with shoppable TV. Reaching your viewers with the content they want elevates fan engagement, expands your viewer base, and enables innovative earning opportunities. 

Enhanced Stadium Experience

Sports leagues and teams, listen up! If you want to attract more fans to your stadiums, enhance their engagement, and create new platforms for monetization, head to Ateme’s Enhanced Stadium Experience demo. You’ll find out how to take fans on a journey of immersive, enhanced reality. Viewers will be able to enjoy an up-close look into the game, right from their smartphones or headsets, with real-time access to live stats and multi-angle replays. Discover an unforgettable experience that builds loyalty and boosts revenues. 

Cloud DVR in the Cloud

How do you scale up without breaking the bank? Check out our demo on the Cloud DVR in the Cloud. Optimized for public cloud environments​, our true cloud-native DVR solution will help you achieve greater scalability. You’ll also be able to streamline operations, optimize your hardware pool, and make your service greener. And at the same time, deliver the best Quality of Experience to your viewers on any device.  

SaaS: Ateme+

In search of a different business model that ebbs and flows with your video consumption demands? Our demo on Ateme+ can help you find out more about this flexible SaaS solution that can be tailored to, and evolve alongside, your business needs. At IBC2023, Ateme will also unveil new Ateme+ OTT features, supporting all use cases. These include MCR in the cloud for sports, news, and live production; 24/7 contribution and distribution; on-demand file transcoding; and business continuity with disaster recovery, an effective must-have insurance policy.  

Monetize Content 

New technologies are enabling innovative ways of consuming and Monetizing Video Content, yet competition is consistently vying for viewers’ attention. So how do you make money? Having a range of monetization options allows you to sustain operations and remain competitive as you generate revenue to fuel growth and innovation. This is why it is #2 on our list of top Ateme topics to discover at IBC2023. 

Personalized Advertising

One of the best ways to boost monetization is by offering your viewers ads personalized to their preferences or region. Pass by our booth to find out how Ateme can help you monetize your content with our versatile, end-to-end Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution. It includes server-side ad insertion, advanced inventory control, data collection, and activation to increase inventory value​. Plus, its flexible on-premises, cloud, CapEx, and OpEx models help you reduce costs as you increase revenues. And when your viewers are pumped, so is your wallet. 

Media Supply Chain 

Looking for a simple way to maximize the value of your library and increase ARPU? Come see our demo to gain greater insight into how you can repurpose your content for 24/7 linear channels – including personal and FAST channels – using our efficient, resilient, and agile Media Supply Chain. Featuring metadata-aware orchestration for optimized operations​, our solution is designed for multi-site/hybrid deployments to ​enhance supply chain workflow and security​. Reap the rewards of repurposing your content with effortless simplicity. 

Go Green

“Green” is a bit of a buzzword these days. But Ateme is serious about creating innovative solutions that not only make you and your viewers happier, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Excessive storage and CDN bandwidth can add up, and Ateme is dedicated to discovering the best ways to help curb the impact on our environment. This year, Ateme will showcase the continuation of its optimization efforts that have resulted in a 66% reduction in energy consumption over three years, all while simultaneously improving the user experience. This is why Going Green is one of the top Ateme topics to discover at IBC2023. 

Audience-aware Streaming

We get it. Your goals are to make your viewers happy and increase your revenues. But what if you could improve your OTT viewers’ Quality of Experience, reduce costs, AND become more sustainable all at the same time? Pass by Ateme’s booth to check out our demo on Audience-aware Streaming, essential when looking to maximize resource efficiency. You’ll find out how our solution can help you optimize video quality while reducing consumption, costs, and your carbon footprint.  

See You in Amsterdam! 

Since 1991, Ateme has been creating innovative solutions to help your business evolve in our ever-changing industry. We listen to your current needs, we anticipate your future needs, and we deliver the tools to help you captivate your audience. This is why transforming the way viewers consume video content, discovering new ways to monetize your content, and going green lead our three top Ateme topics to discover at IBC2023.  

Want to find out more about these, and other, innovative solutions from Ateme? Set up a meeting or pass by Hall 1, booth D33 at IBC2023. Get your free visitor pass using code IBC3972. We look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, in the form below, let us know what you’re excited to check out at IBC2023

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