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Blog post Ateme 2023 03 20
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The Evolution of Canada’s Video Market

Discover how Canada's video market is responding to the common trends taking place in consolidation and the …

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Personalize and Monetize with Dynamic Ad Insertion Over ATSC 3.0

Dynamic Ad Insertion over ATSC 3.0 promises major benefits for the consumer and higher revenue for the provider. …

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Ateme+ Jargon & Benefits: What Does it All Mean Anyway?

Ateme+ benefits include both agility and flexibility and allow you to cover broad use cases with no upfront …

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Boost Your Revenue through Datacasting with NEXTGEN TV

Datacasting with NextGen TV is a recent market, but there are major opportunities. Find out more about the …

Maximize Your DVB Distribution Convergence
Posted in Contribution & Distribution

Maximize Your DVB Distribution Convergence with Ateme’s Integrated Solutions 

The distribution convergence of DVB-I can help you reduce operational costs and obtain optimal flexibility for …

5G Media Streaming
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Expand Your Universe with 5G Media Streaming

5G media streaming improves viewer interactivity and offers new business model prospects for mobile network …

meet the minds
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Meet the Minds Inventing the Future of Video: Marwa Tarchouli

R&D Engineer Marwa Tarchouli speaks to us about Neural Video Compression and the future of better-quality viewing …

Change the Channel of Your Future with NextGen TV
Posted in ATSC 3.0

Change the Channel of Your Future with NEXTGEN TV 

Making the transition to NextGen TV doesn't have to be scary. Find out how Ateme can help you change the channel …

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Is Your Cloud DVR Service Ready for the Future?

When it comes to being able to watch live events at a later date, viewers can end up frustrated. Is your Cloud DVR …

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